UCAAR Innovations is a global business partner in the health care market. We are creating new medical devices, innovative medical products, medical software, new spin of companies and nanotechnology projects.


We are operating in the following markets:

- Radiology

- Radiography

- Surgery


- CT

- Nucleair Medicine

- Orthopedics

- Forensics

- Nanotechnology





Our vision is to create new successful medical and high tech innovations supporting people's life.


"In a world of growing complexity, UCAAR Innovations is able to bring together customer needs and successful innovations based on creativity and structured methodology."




The foundation of UCAAR Innovations is created by competences like Integral Customer Need validation, Project management, Process Development as well as Design for Six Sigma, and long term Reliability programs.


Our strategic business partner is:



Ivo Aarninkhof holds a Msc degree from the University of Twente and an Executive MBA in Finance from Nyenrode Business University, The Netherlands, University of St. Gallen Switzerland and Vlerick Business School, Belgium. Ivo Aarninkhof held senior management positions at Philips across Europe and Asia. He is co-founder of Holland Innovative Twente B.V. and CEO of Sigmascreening B.V.. His passion is to help patients by driving new innovations into the medical and high tech market.

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